On conspiratualists…

Posted November 3, 2021 by angelvalerie
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Although not in sequence, one of the issues with the fundamentalist beliefs I once held is that they are often irrational. The explanation for this is the the burden of proof is very low for those who are “spiritual”.

I have always been clear that there is scant science to validate the Bible and the beliefs of Christians. Yes, I have read and heard all the stuff from Ken Ham, creation science, even Dr Dmitri Kouznetsov whom I once hosted at a university lecture. It is simple: faith is a matter of blind faith and not a matter of science.

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has led to a very clear view of how irrational these fundamentalists can be. They claim that the governments are becoming authoritarian and flouting democracy. They claim that the vaccine is dangerous, some even deny covid is dangerous and claim that the worldwide pandemic is all part of some grand plan towards a satanic one world government. Let’s look at some of this.

The claim that the whole world government is part of a conspiracy to bring in a satanic one world government. Some things to consider: Currently at war are more than 20 countries (https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/countries-currently-at-war) how then are they both at war and in a conspiracy to become one giant nation? Furthermore, how are meetings such at COP26 (going on at the moment) still running, surely an efficient government would stop wasting money on all these meetings and simply wait a year until they were in charge of it all???

The claim that covid is not really dangerous and the death numbers are made up. Seriously, have you EVER tried to get a group of people to work together? Anyone here ever done teamwork? What about those team building days that companies spend millions on? Has anyone ever experienced a time when you get an entire team to simply lie for almost 2 years and NOT ONE to break ranks? No? Me either. It simply goes against everything we know about human nature. Human nature is such that if there is a secret, people are busting to tell someone and soon it is out. And this is without even looking at the actual science of coroner reports etc.

The claim that the vaccine is dangerous. I compared the rates of adverse effects of the covid vaccine with that of smallpox, and covid has fewer. Logically, we would put this down to better technology these days. I have been quoted the VAERS reports and people have simply not read them – the fact is ANY adverse event within 14 days must be registered. Following that, it is investigated. Once investigated causation is assigned. To put this more simply, if I am vaccinated on Sunday and hit by a bus Tuesday, my death is within 14 days and gets registered on VAERS. It is NOT attributed to a vaccine until after they investigate, at which time they will accurately attribute it to the bus not the vaccine. This is not secret information, but somehow these fundamentalists sharing information have failed to understand how VAERS works. Have there been deaths? Yes. Last I checked there had been some 5 million vaccines administered and 375 deaths attributed to the vaccines. Better odds than covid gives us.

Which brings us to the claim that government is trying to enforce some authoritarian rule and flouting democracy (all this remember in aid of that satanic one world government). Every democracy comes with obligations. Here are a few: you cannot drive without a licence, if you drive with alcohol in your bloodstream at 0.05 then you are likely to have your licence suspended. You cannot enrol your child in school without vaccination certificates – this is not new, it is old. You cannot enter some countries without vaccines – e.g. any migrant to Australia must be vaccinated against tuberculosis. You cannot study nursing or work as a nurse without a bunch of vaccines, this is not new, it has always been this way. If you drive without a seatbelt, you are fined. If you do not pay tax, you are fined or jailed. There are a myriad of rules that are enforced by punitive response if you do not oblige. This is part of living in a democracy. The covid vaccine and consequences of refusing the vaccine is no different than any other rules brought in by democratic governments for the good of the community.

What irks me is that the very people telling me how much God loves me or that Jesus came to save me etc. somehow are happy to put the most vulnerable of our society at risk. It is not them or me that may die from covid, it is the 8 yo child with cancer, it is the 14yo with leukaemia, it is the 70 yo with congenital heart defects. Tell me again how God loves the vulnerable while you choose to put their very lives at risk because you don’t want a vaccine…

On the deconstruction wagon…

Posted October 31, 2021 by angelvalerie
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A few years ago I started to wonder about the organisations I had been involved in with my belief system. I had been involved in churches and parachurch organisations since my youth. I began to look at the people they did not value. I read through the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse files and evidence and understood that people in leadership I had trusted and defended were wrong, they had done the wrong thing.

So began a questioning. What did it mean that the organisations were involved in damaging people? Why was the “the end justifies the means” a standard defence/explanation for the church’s bad behaviour? Yes, people are helped… but at what cost to others?

A long time before I had begun to question the finances of churches… Particularly one pastor of a large church driving a Rolls Royce in my city, others owning jet planes, it all seems obscene really, when people are dying of starvation, people are dying for lack of medical supplies, people are dying from domestic violence. If you had the millions of dollars it cost to buy and run a jet plane, why wouldn’t you spend it on these things instead???

I also had many people telling me about leaders who would have massive rage attacks at them, verbally abusing them when they disagreed. I heard this from many people about many leaders. Now, I have been in charge of many things over the years, and I have been upset, angry or disappointed at times…but never have I lost my temper at someone and abused them. And I am no saint, so if I can manage to deal with these people without losing it, surely leaders can?!

Add to this that I began to look into the history of how we got 66 books in a Bible… and it turns out a handful of men decided on this. They chose to leave out a bunch of other books… I am looking into this some more. It doesn’t seem right that people would make an idol out of a book that a bunch of old men said was important.

In the last year I found that there are many people asking these questions… many people on the deconstruction road… I had never heard the term, but apparently over the last 10 years or so I have been deconstructing. I will start writing some on this… feel free to drop some questions…

Recovery in process…

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It has been over a year since I posted and at times I was not sure if I would be back to post. So, since May 2017 I have had every kind of test. These include brain MRI, heart tests, wearing heart monitors, blood tests galore, etc. etc. etc. In the end my diagnoses include: hashimotos disease, psoriasis, possible coeliacs (currently “gluten intolerant”), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue.
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Working on recovery…

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Chronic fatigue is a funny thing. It means that your body has been producing too much cortisol (our stress hormone) and too much adrenalin (our survival response hormone) for too long. One of the first steps in addressing it is to reduce stress.

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What the future holds…

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Triathlon keeps me sane. There is good research to show that high intensity exercise helps to reduce cortisol levels in the brain. Cortisol is the stress hormone. If I have a hard day at work, coming home and being able to swim, ride or run helps me stay in a good spot.

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On the concept of rest…

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So, I usually like to have a photo…however the new Apple photos app that came out last update is rather hopeless. I cannot seem to find any way of opening up the folders to add photos. I’m afraid you will have to manage with just writing.

Given the diagnosis of chronic fatigue, and consequent rest enforced I thought I would update you on how that is going. After all, I was training for triathlon up to 20 hours some weeks.

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Yet more on the diagnosis front…

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After more tests, it seems that the doctor came up with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and NCGS (non coeliac gluten sensitivity – yes, it is a thing!). Initially she wanted to start me on more drugs, including an antidepressant that has good pain management qualities, and an analgesic. I attempted the first, got hell sick and quit after 3 days. I never even started on the second.

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Getting a diagnosis…

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The story goes like this: this is a photo of a door that is closed. Yes, it is closed and therefore works. However, it is not aligned, you can see that the corner does not completely line up with the door jamb. So, it is broken. The question is what is out of alignment, the door (did it bow?) or the door jamb (is it not square?)? You cannot fix the problem until you know what caused it.

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On moderation…

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Curry and rice

I recently read this post from a blogger I follow… I thought it was so good that it was worth sharing. Why the photo of food? Because Jules blogs about food. In fact, I have gifted her online cooking schools to friends in the past. If you want to find simple, healthy meals, go check out her site.

Meanwhile, here is what she wrote on moderation… (reposted with Jules’ permission).
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On silence and withdrawing…

Posted March 15, 2018 by angelvalerie
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So over the last 2 years I have posted less and less. In my head I have drafted many posts, but they have not made it to the printed word. Part of the reason for this is that it appears I have chronic fatigue. For 2 years I have been getting slower and slower, withdrawing more and more due to fatigue.
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