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Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Recently I have had a few conversations about boundaries…how we make them, how we keep them and how we react when they are violated. It’s never easy trying to figure out where your boundaries are, some things seem straight forward (e.g. I do or do not want people to shake my hand when we greet). Then there are other things that are more difficult (e.g. just how long and how loud do I allow the neighbour’s music to get before complaining when it is intrusive?).
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on the new cult of productivity…

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Mont St Michel

As 2013 came to an end and 2014 began, it seemed that everyone was talking about how to be more productive this year. I heard radio interviews, saw news items…productivity came up in my blog feeds and online news… it seems a new cult has come to town. Unlike the previous cult of consumerism, where there are temples to worship at, productivity is a silent devotion.
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Life is like my house renovation…

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all gone...

I love my house, but it is very old. Its quite functional for lifestyle, however from time to time I need to upgrade. Currently, this is the bathroom. Decorated in the delightful ’70s decor of baby pink and baby blue, it has served well…however it is the size of a handkerchief.

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Having the “I wants”…

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I have realised over the last week that I have a case of the “I wants”… Where it came from and what sparked it I have no idea. I am learning that contentment is a matter of choices, decisions, reflective living and having a grateful heart.

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The poster is from Pinterest, unfortunately I don’t know who to thank.

I live in a democracy…we recently had an election and due to the preferencing system in the vote (I.e. each party or person can trade preferences with one another to improve their numbers after the primary vote is counted) there are several people heading to the capital to make decisions on our behalf. Read the rest of this post »

What makes “news” and why should I know?

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The way we used to find out news, the local market...

The way we used to find out news, the local market…

There appear to be regular elections and other such political nonsense (IMHO), and lately the airwaves have been clogged with news of individuals running for office talking about other individuals running for office. No one has really outlined any clear policies, but the scare-mongering and general misinformation on topics like refugees is annoying. So, my question is: How is it decided that a story makes “news” and who makes the decision? Read the rest of this post »

In my life…

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"All these places have their moments" - The Beatles

“All these places have their moments” – The Beatles

This past year my life has had a number of significant moments, and it occurs to me that each of them happened under stormy, dark clouds. For those that missed is, I completed Ironman 70.3 although I was sick on the day I managed a time of 7 hours 39 minutes, which was not too shabby given the illness. I learned to push through, to put in the training and see how far my body could go. I got a lovely medal too!

Its also been a year of loss. Loss of friendships, loss of loved ones and loss of time. Friendships come and go in our lives, and while each person leaves an indelible mark on us, at some stage they go in a different direction. Learning to let go and let them be is important. Hanging onto them forces us to be anchored in a place that holds us back. If we can’t grow together, we need to learn to let go. Its hard.

The repeated losses of loved ones over the last year left me in a place of feeling a little disconnected. Each death reminded me to live life to the fullest, however processing the losses one after another left me also feeling stunned (as in hit by a bus). I took some time out to process and accept the losses, to say my personal goodbyes and learn to live well amidst them. Too frequently people rush goodbyes and try to keep moving at the same rapid pace of life, this doesn’t allow healing. I encourage you to grieve well and say goodbye in your own way.

You may need a ritual, you may need to plant a new tree, you may need to write in your journal for hours on end, you may need to talk to a psychologist….do what you need to do, take the time you need to heal.

I feel well again. I am surrounded by wonderful people and will enjoy the next season of life. The clouds are receding and the sunshine is coming through… keep tuned in, I will write more!


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